How Does GPS Work?

How Does GPS Work?

How Does GPS Work?

In our world of modern technology, we have come to rely on devices and gadgets for all sorts of things. From work and entertainment through to shopping or getting around, many of us turn to modern day technology to help us out. One of the things that we may use on a daily basis is GPS, which enables us to get around with greater ease.


GPS technology is something that we have all become used to. We use this type of technology on various devices, such as our smartphones or on satellite navigation systems. However, most of us don’t give a second thought to the technology itself and how it works. Well, the technology behind GPS can be quite complex but it provides us with valuable benefits.


More about GPS


GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. This system consists of around thirty satellites that orbit the Earth and form a network. This system was originally intended for military navigation and was developed by the United States government. However, it is now in use by general consumers on a day to day basis via a number of different GPS devices.


Wherever you are on the planet, at least four of the satellites in this network are classed as ‘visible’. Each of the satellites in the GPS system transmits regular updates on its position and the current time. The GPS receiver then intercepts these signals, which travel at the speed of light. The GPS device is then able to work out the distance of each satellite based on the amount of time it took for the messages to arrive.


A process known as trilateration is then used in order for the GPS receiver to pinpoint your location based on the information received. Put simply, this is where the receiver uses information relating to distance from each satellite to work out your location. The more satellites from the network that can be used by the receiver, the more accurate the information will be.


How does GPS benefit us?


As mentioned earlier, the GPS was originally intended and developed for military use. However, it is now used by the masses and on a daily basis. This system has provided us with a range of benefits, making it easier to travel and find our way around. The rising popularity of GPS technology has resulted in more and more devices coming onto the market.


There are various ways in which GPS is able to help us. This includes:


  • Making it easier to travel by car even to places you are unfamiliar with
  • Making life easier for professionals who have to drive for a living, such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, or truck drivers
  • Greater ease and convenience when trying to find your way around on foot
  • Helping to provide greater time and cost efficiency for transport businesses
  • Enabling parents to track their children when they are not at home
  • Great for recreational activities such as hiking or camping


As you can see, there are many ways in which GPS now benefits us on a day to day basis. This technology is something that both individuals and businesses have come to rely on. It can provide us with practicality and convenience as well as peace of mind.


Use a range of GPS devices


You can access GPS on a range of devices these days, which makes it easy and convenient for you to benefit from this technology. Many people decide to use their mobile devices to access GPS, which provides an affordable and convenient solution. Some decide to purchase a satellite navigation system to mount in the car. Many newer vehicles now actually come with built-in satellite navigation systems, which provide even greater ease. Another option for those who are on foot is a handheld GPS, which is perfect for finding your way around a new destination or for outdoor adventures.




GPS has become an essential technology in today’s world, as so many people now rely on it. It can do everything from cutting fuel costs for individuals and businesses through to helping you find your way home if you are hopelessly lost. This means that it is the perfect way to enjoy peace of mind when travelling.

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